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Grab your bike and take your team to an exciting adventure through the Blue Mountains with Thrill Covid Safe Team Building Amazing Race.

Do you want to have fun, do discoveries and be sporty at the same time? With this Amazing Race Bike Adventure it is possible!

Take your team into the heart of the beautiful Blue Mountains, and enjoy a race with lots of outdoor activities.

Challenging, sporty, developing teamwork, engaging, motivating and rewarding.

Day Steps:

  1. Bring your team and bikes to the meeting point in the heart of the Blue Mountains
  2. Listen to Konrad, great mountain biker for years, advice and adapt your equipment for the day
  3. Read the first instructions and set off on the bike trail
  4. Collect all items, go to all points on the map
  5. Collect a maximum of points
  6. Have fun
  7. Meet at the arrival point
  8. And find out which team is the big winner

To participate in this unique Amazing Race, Enquire HERE!