Manly Amazing Race Activities and Events Packages

Manly Amazing Race explores the home of Bronzed Aussies along Manly Wharf to the Corso. Start from The Manly Pacific, Q Station, Sebel, Pubs, 4 Pines, Manly Beach or Manly Wharf.

Embark on a journey in search of Sydney sea-side escape. Manly is a spectacular location for amazing races which can be run, or walked for team building and staff team bonding.

Only 7 miles from Sydney and Circular Quay. Ideal for corporate groups and special events.

With 12–100’s of staff and employees looking for quality motivational activities that bond teams together. amazing race activity start 2 Professional coordinators and amazing host, launches your Manly Amazing Race.

Start from any of the famous Manly locations – Manly Pacific, Ferry Terminal, The Bavarian 4 Pines Brewery or Manly Life Saving Club on the sands of Manly Beach or quaint Shelly Beach.

Racers compete on an exciting quest, challenging their resourcefulness and skills.

Employing communication, cooperation and navigation problem solving skills. Teamwork together, accomplishing a series of Manly Amazing Race Challenges.

Unlocking codes, deciphering cryptic messages. Culturally, physically, creatively and intellectual challenges.

Engaging in a variety of fun activities, games, puzzles around Manly Beach. Once the Activity challenges and tasks are accomplished it’s onto the next checkpoint.

The focus of the Manly Amazing Race format can be customised to your business teams, staff, employees and corporate groups requirements.

We have 5 package leveles available; From #1 superb fun competitive #2 Manly Mystery Mix or #3 Manly Team Building sensation with a collaborative activity for all at the Roadblock.

To #4 Explore linking Sydney to Manly and

#5 WOW, whilst discovering Manly best seaside secret locations and bars to celebrate!


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    Manly Amazing Race Activities Selection Fun or Serious Challenges for Your Teams to Win The Amazing Champions Trophy Amazing Race Manly Beach Sculpting for corprate events and team building fun in Manly

    Teams may complete activities such as Manly Surf Verse, Sand Sculpting on the beach, doing the Hula Hoop Mojo with lots of laughs.

    Serving Up Ice Creams. Circumnavigate or perambulate the Manly Corso to Manly Wharf.

    Dive for clues at a ‘Its a Knockout’ Stand Up Paddle Boards Polo Competition, Dragon Boating, Iron Man Races.

    Uncover secrets at Shelley Beach, Sculpt the sands like Suchomlin!

    Perform a Rescue next to Manly Surf Life Saving Club.

    Write a poem in the sands of South Steyne, Scarper up the The Esplanade.

    Jump through hoops by CopenHagen Ice Creamery.

    Get into the famous Surf Culture stores of Quick Silver and Surf Dive n Ski and much more be-sea-side!

    A series of Amazing race Manly Activities with checkpoint registrations hosted and facilitated by Amazing Race staff are navigated to.

    Here your team will receive your next Challenge envelope.

    • Puzzle Challenges
    • Decodes / Deciphers
    • Beach Sand Sculpting
    • Hula Hooping / Circus Skills
    • Creative Arts; Painting / Drawing / Caricatures
    • Treasure Dig to reveal Manly’s treasures
    • Beach Volleyball Games and Iron Person Competitions
    • Detour Minute 2 Win it Games
    • Roadblock with a Human Quoits Game

    Manly Amazing Race Art Team building Creative Challenge for teams to win MANLY EXTRAS

    • Manly Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP in summer withe a game of water polo knockout
    • Drinks stops and Wine Tasting at Manly wine Bar next to Sebel / Beer Tasting 4 Pines Paddles
    • Surfing activities with Manly Surf School
    • Jet Boats to connect Manly to Sydney Shark Island and Sydney Harbour Crossings
    • Kayaks / Bikes /
    • Snorkelling at Shelly Beach
    • Water Taxis
    • Spit to Manly Walk to observe Fairy Penguins
    • North Head, Artillery,
    • Q Station amazing race activities and events
    • Drink stops – oops already had this above… Konrad-lippmann-amazing-race-host

    Ultimately teams accomplish Manly’s amazing tasks and team challenges that includes everyone.

    The final Pitstop is the reward for competition success.

    Only gained through team tactics of cooperation, strategy, wits and style. Once all manly team challenges are completed teams reconvene at Manly Wharf, Q Station, Boilerhouse, 4 Pines Brewhouse.

    Or back to The Manly Pacific or The Steyne Pub to be awarded the Manly Amazing Race Champions Trophy and presentation of novelty prizes.

    Fun team performances are complimented by awards and presentations at the grand finale. A winning Manly Beach Fun combination! Manly Amazing Race too Competitive then Try our Real Manly Treasure Hunts.

    Can include the Quarantine Station, Spring Cove, Shelley Beach, North Head. Little Manly Point.

    Iron-Person Beach Games Competitions.

    Manly kayak relay or paddle to hidden beaches for clues. Surf lifesaving carnival activities, Manly Beach Volleyball, Wind and Wave Sand Sculpting, Kite Flying.

    Manly Surf School surfing lessons and many more fun activities.

    We encourage taking the leap and make it a fantastic Manly Amazing Race Package!

    With ice cream eating Challenges.

    Full on fun physical tasks building sandcastles or sculptures on the beach, beach Volleyball. 

    How to get to Manly?

    You can start your Manly Amazing race in Sydney at Circular Quay, Darling Harbour or Barangaroo.

    Jump aboard the Manly Ferry,

    Catch a shared Water Taxi.

    Charter a Thrilling Jet Boats.

    Ride a Bikes, Board A Bus.

    Race in and stop off at Taronga Zoo.

    Finish with celebration drinks at Manly Wharf or Manly Skiff Club.

    We also recommend The Manly Wine Bar next to the Sebel, or stroll along to Manly Pacific.

    A highlight is Manly Quarantine Station Boilerhouse Bar.

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