Central Coast Amazing Races around Terrigal, Gosford, Umina, The Entrance or Magenta Shores

We provide exceptional Central Coast Amazing Races around Terrigal, the Crowne Plaza, Avoca, Umina, Gosford, Magenta Shores, Kooindah Waters or the Entrance.

Celebrate The Central Coast on your exclusive Amazing Race with your team this Christmas work party! – Free Offers !

Filled with awesome fun group activities, staff connection conference energiser breaks. Select from a  range of exciting staff Team Building Activities suitable for all abilities.

Amazing races Central Coast will take your staff, team, managers or friends on the most amazing fun race along Central Coast like Terrigal, The Entrance, Magenta Shores or Avoca beaches, parklands and baysides. Amazing Race Activities Fun and Games on The Central Coast next to Terrigal Crowne Plaza

Into intriguing local Central Coast shops and complete excellent team challenges. Include an amazing series of Pitstops, Road Blocks to Detours and Yields.

Our most popular Central Coast amazing race is within and around The Crowne Plaza at Terrigal.

Including tasting delicious ice creams, exploring The Skillion headland. Survivor style challenge games on the Sands by Terrigal Lagoon. Then dive into The Pocket, Botanicals or Six Strings Brewery for a refreshing drink.

Participate in a fantastic series of amazing race type games.

Kick starting your special occasion, event, conference, celebrations and awesome fun corporate entertainment or a quality team building activities package.

All Amazing Race Central Coast activities are designed around your interests, timing and Custom built for your groups enjoyment. Amazing race Team building fun at Terrigal Crowne Plaza by The Beach

Get your Game Face on for an Amazing Race around Terrigal Crowne Plaza, Mantra Umina, Magenta Shores, The Entrance Hotels and all Central Coast Conference Venues or Hotels

Exceptional treats in store for your staff, employees, managers and leaders that demand an off-site that is excellent fun for all staff. Achievable for abilities. Provides staff mental problem solving, leadership skills and excellent communication.

Select amazing races on the Central Coast in Gosford, Umina, Entrance, Avoca and Terrigal beach fronts.

Registering your teams arrival 1st, building a sand sculpture that is a vision of your businesses and organisational values. Amazing Race Central Coast Terrigal team and staff team building connection contact enquiry form

Thrilling activities are presented, hosted and facilitated as quality team building exercises to get the most out your stay.

Amazing races staff beach Team building activities with a crocodile on the beach

Register 1st for maximum points. Then be presented an envelope that reveals your next corporate team challenge, mission or task to accomplish.

With 5 levels of packages to select from we custom build the Central Coast activities content to include what you ca afford. From

#1 Central Coast Fun Factor activities for groups of 15-50.
1.5-2.5hrs. Easy fast flowing amazing race. Focus on the best Fun race games from beginning to end.

#2 Mystery Mix 2-3hrs. Around Terrigal or Avoca, The Entrance or Gosford. Stay by the accommodation at Magenta Shores and Terrigal Crowne Plaza. A mystery of Central Coast, terrigal or Magenta Shores activities mix will keep the energy flowing whilst being immense fun. We input brilliant team bonding activities to balance the journey.

#3 Amazing Team Building Activities Sensation within a defined radius of the Central Coast or Terrigal. Your amazing facilitators and hosts will have your teams competing in team cooperation activities. Elicit quality outcomes of increased Motivation, Leadership, Collaboration and Problem Solving skills. Fun Inter-Staff competitions, Lateral and Strategic Thinking from the Top of The Skillion to the bottom of Terrigal Lagoon.

#4 Explorer 2-4hrs. That can have your teams transported to the Ken Duncan art Gallery for a Creative team building activity. Step into the Botanicals Distillery or 6 String Brewery for awesome beer tasting of wonderful local craft beers! Continue racing with Beaches games then Treasure Hunting for real treasures. Complete art works. Beating the puzzle clock. Into the Central Coast Tree Tops Ropes Courses or Mountain Biking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking adventures.

#5 Wow Factor amazing races. Top of the events rack. Bringing you the best features of the region and can include Jet Skis, Shark Dives, Surfing, Incredible Food Experiences, Celebrity Guests…. Hummers, Helicopters and even the thundering Harley Davidsons!Central Coast Amazing Race Christmas celebration of Team Building Activities for Corporate Groups by Terrigal Beach

Amazing Race Central Coast Terrigal team and staff team building connection contact enquiry form

9-14 Amazing Team Building Activities Sensational Experiences in Terrigal from The Crowne Plaza to The Pitstop Celebration Bar

START location / venue; in or around Terrigal Beach – please advise your desired locations. As we travel to all venues on The Central Coast. 
We come to your Offices or select & advise any location.
1.    IGNITION – fun briefing equipment supplied.
2.    X FACTOR Challenge ; Team Identity, Develop Strategies.
       Get ready to Go-Go.
3.    Brains Trust Trivia to Depart 1st.
4.    ROUTE to
5.    DETOUR – select 1 of 2 challenges – each with their own Pros and Cons.
6.    Minute 2 Win It SKILLS CHALLENGE; or enjoy a Sweet Treat Challenge.
ROUTE Decode
To determine beautiful vantage overlooking TERRIGAL on The Skillion or at Terrigal Haven
INTERSECTION– All teams come through checkpoint, 1st in departs 1st.

CREATIVE Central Coast Amazing race Challenges; Gain insight into your staff and colleagues. Discuss life as you DRAW with beautiful artistic crayons upon wonderful experiences.
Be Fun & expressive.
ROUTE envelope to Oval
10.  ROADBLOCK– All teams re-unite to enjoy the challenge together.

PHYSICAL FUN Relay Challenge – select from;
a/ TARGET QUOITS Shoot out                  b/ Mini Olympics Fun
c/ Minute 2 Win it Activities                        d/ Sand Sculpting
Other & Extra Options; include your business, values, products or
add-ons like Surfing, Sand Sculpting, Beach Volleyball, Bikes, Harleys.
ROUTE UCRAMSNBLE reveals next secret location.
YIELD– one team will be able to delay a selected team
DECIPHER – to reveal your final destination and access the –
14.       PITSTOP – Winners and Awards presentation at selected destination.
Finish Location:
Thrill can organise all conferencing, catering, foods, drinks, Functions, Presentations and Awards at all venues.

Please ask for suggestions for our associated and partner Thrill Team Building Activities and Events from Terrigal Crowne Plaza, Kims Hideaway, Kooindah Waters or Magenta Shores conference and golfing center. Amazing Race Central Coast Terrigal team and staff team building connection contact enquiry form

Extra Amazing Race Central Coast Venues and Group Experiences Options

  • Stand Up Paddle Boarding SUP Games
  • Tree Top High Ropes and Flying Fox Adventures
  • Kayaking along The Central Coast Water Ways and Sea Kayaking
  • Luxury Speed Boat express along Lake Macquarie
  • Reptile Encounters – snakes and lizards activities
  • Axe Throwing
  • Surfing
  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Harley Trike Transfers and Rides

Invest in a professional team at the helm of your next conference, Terrigal team building activity event or social competition.

Call the amazing Central Coast amazing activities team to plan, deliver, coordinate. Or host and facilitate your next amazing corporate group conference escape to the Central Coast.

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