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Keeping employees Covid Safe, united and strong is the role of a leader during Covid19 pandemic.

During a crisis it is important for leaders to be supportive, understanding and open to communicate. Amazing Race gives you tips and tools to develop your leadership skills, which will help you to get your team through Covid19.

7 Tips and Tools

1- Motivating language

Your words express your thoughts and are the information others receive from you. Using the right ones is important and can be challenging. A good leader need positive and motivating language to keep employees valued and to encourage them. For example, it is better to say « it is challenging » then « it will be hard ». Try to avoid negatives words as « hard, difficult, impossible, never, can’t, don’t, not » and pessimistic sentences.

2- Define goal

Identify and clarify the common goal. Put words and formulate as clearly as possible the purpose for all your staff and employees. Explain with simple sentences like you are talking to a 5 years old child. It needs to be easy to get and remember with no misunderstandings.

3- Transparent communication

Be honest, open and accessible. Develop a safe environment for employees to talk freely. You can ask question and show interest to their professional and private life. It will help to build a relationship and communicate more easily.

4- Team rules

In collaboration with the all team, create unique team rules. It could be for work organisation, division, transparent agendas, respectful communication, as well as share a drink at the bar down the office every Friday after work or end of month reunion to celebrate birthdays. Each members will have accepted them and can refer to them at anytime.

5- Encourage and Challenge

Keep your team active, motivated and challenged. Provide them a pleasant workplace, opportunities for self-development and team-development. Encourage teamwork, cohesion and collaboration for them to feel supported and part of a larger project. You can also give positive feedbacks and take a moment to reward success, even small.

6- Focus on strengthen

You chose your team members and know what skills they have. Focus on their strengths. It will lead performances as well as employees engagement. Use their capacities when you need the work to be efficient and develop what they can improve when you have more time (I didn’t use « weakness » but « what they can improve », positive language ;)).

7- Friendly with failures

Remember we also learn from our mistakes. Be ok with that and don’t punish failures. It happens. Reflect – Remember – Learn – Imagine – Commit: 5 steps to help making the most of failures (Check Lynda Wallace article « Getting friendly with Failure » HERE).

Try your leadership skills to strengthen your team during an Amazing Covid Safe Race.

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