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Build your teams resilience and adaptability through Fun Covid Safe Themed Amazing Race with your team, staff, colleagues while discovering 5 aspect to adapt all situations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Hunter Valley Newcastle.

Throughout the Covid pandemic (or any other business crisis) we all need to adapt. Personally and as a team. Interweaving the 5P principle throughout Amazing Race team building Activities helps teams to practice dealing with change and move forward positively. Experience Covid Safe Amazing Race activities and guided by experienced and qualified facilitators.


1. Purpose

Have a purpose. If not a specific purpose, have some in mind of what you want or need to achieve. With your team, define your purpose, think about it.


2. Practical

Don’t just think about how to do or adapt it, just do it. Try it, experience it and define your new way.


3. Patience

We know it can be hard to be patient. See it as a challenge! Take a deep breath, and move forward.


4. Persistent

Sometimes you might want to give up. Rely on your team, stay determined and and try to develop a ‘can do’ attitude.


5. Positive

Stay positive! Surround yourself with positive people and thoughts. Find out what make you happy, smiling and use it.

Collect the 5 P’s with activities and challenges along the journey of an Amazing Race. You will have them with you as a luggage to adapt to Covid.

Enquire now to start your journey through Covid19 and adapt with your team.