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Explore, learn and test your leadership attitude during a fantastic Covid SafeAmazing Race with your team in all locations, from Goals Coast to Melbourne, via Sydney and Canberra.

During a crisis like today’s Covid19 pandemic a leader needs to be even more efficient and with a great attitude.

Positive attitude

Be as much positive as you can. Staff and employees feel more motivated from someone who is smiling and who is confident. Your attitude can really influence people’s mind. You can also use a positive and motivating language. Check tip number 1, « Motivating language » in THIS article.


Keep in mind that it is a challenging time for everyone. Take a moment to recognize efforts and tell your team what they do is great, valuable and valued. They will be thankful that you did and feel more motivated.


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Keep your team as one. You are the pilot and the figure which lead employees. Show them you are involved and organise group activities to stay united. It can be a fantastic Team Building event. Check our packages HERE

Empower others

Encourage. Give more responsibilities or opportunities to improve. It will motivated team members to work harder and moving forward during this challenging time.

Take responsibilities

Show you are sure and confident. Taking responsibilities for your decisions will show your employees you know what you are doing and they can rely on you if they need.

Come discover your leadership attitude with one of our extraordinary Amazing Races.
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