Blue Mountains Amazing Race Events for Groups and Team Building Activities

Blue Mountains Amazing Races around Katoomba, Echo Point, The Fairmont Resort, Hydro Magestic, Leura, Lilianfels and The Carrington.

Experience the best of The Blue Mountains on your exclusive Amazing Race activities package that area great experiences for Blue Mountains Team Building, Team Bonding, Staff conference, corporate and social groups. Blue Mountains Amazing Race Scenic Railway pitstop for staff teamwork. Conference teams staying at The Fairmont Resort, Leura. Here we capture amazing blue mountains race teams descending teh scenic railway at Scenic World Katoomba.

We supply excellence in staff connection and conference break activities. Direct at or from The Fairmont Resort, Hydro Majestic, Lilianfels or The Carrington Hotel.

Your Amazing Races team will come to your Blue Mountains Conference Venue to launch your team building, team bonding and outdoor team adventures direct from your accommodation.

We engage your staff with a series of fun team challenges, whilst exploring and experiencing the best of the Blue Mountains. Which can include The Scenic railway, Cable Way, Echo Point, Aboriginal History, Unique Blue Mountains Amazing Race secrets and every adventure on the compass.

Amazing Races are custom built to your outcomes and goals.

A series of challenges, tasks, clues and activities are conducted throughout Katoomba, Blackheath, Leura and out to Echo Point.

Or include the worlds steepest railway train at Scenic World.

Start  direct from Sydney or your Blue Mountains Accommodation and Conference venues

  • The Fairmont Resort
  • Echoes
  • Lilianfels
  • Echoes
  • Hydro Magestic
  • The Carrington
  • The Palais
  • Old Leura Dairy. 
  • We even coordinate unique boutique conference spaces and accommodation venues.
    Ask us where the secret Blue Mountains Air BnB gems are? Amazing Races for 2024 Olympics and head to Paris winners Trophy Blue Mountains team building success

Amazing Blue Mountains Corporate Activity Events and Adventure Experiences that Inspire Staff and Employees to achieve more

Your corporate team or social group can start directly from The Fairmont Resort Blue Mountains or Lilianfels, Carrington Hotel and Echoes. We supply a array of custom built amazing races, team building activities and corporate challenges.

That culminates with Thrilling corporate evening entertainment, games or adventures. Book us to come to your accommodation venue or start your experience in your conference rooms.

At Lilianfels Resort Hotel, a 5 star accommodation venue with excellent function facilities. We facilitate 5 star team development activities for 15-100 staff. That will inspire and motivate teams and delegates to achieve more. Next door to Lilianfels we launch Amazing Races on the stunning balcony of Echoes Hotel, which is terrific for smaller groups of 15-35 delegates. Amazing races Blue Mountains Team Building Activities challenge on Segways at The Fairmont Resort, Leura. Riding Segways.

Amazing Team Building Activities Facilitated in The Blue Mountains Fairmont Resort, Lilianfels and the Hydro Majestic Resorts

The Hydro personifies Blue Mountains Enchantment. Overlooking the amazing Megalong Valley. Within the township of Katoomba their are two unique properties where we ignite corporate events and conference activities for corporate groups. In the historic charming Carrington Hotel. Ideal for large groups of staff and at The Mountain Heritage Lodge steeped in rich local history and amazing views. Along The Great Western Highway we facilitate team building games in the Old Leura Dairy, brilliant fun Blue Mountains conferences.

Amazing Blue Mountains Races Excellent Selection of Team Activities that Engage, Challenge and Reward

From the moment your employees start the program. The excitement is electric and engages all levels of staff. From The CEO to administration, managers and warehouse dispatch teams. We will have your business and company executives descend the spectacular valleys, enter majestic canyons or if adrenaline calls, venture over incredible cliffs. You decide on the content, we create the amazing.

Teams navigate their way to a series of iconic Blue Mountains checkpoints like Echo Point and Scenic World. Once registering complete the fun Team Activities. Or have us custom design team building Tasks and Challenges. Our corporate events are exclusive and filled with fun tasks or adrenaline adventures that will thrill your staff. Amazing Races team and groups contact enquiry form

Blue Mountains Amazing race Corroboree Dancing at Echo Point for staff team building connection activities and great fun events at conferences5 Amazing Blue Mountains Activities, Events and Experience Packages to Select your Package Level

1. Amazing Blue Mountains Race Number One for Fun #1 – 1-2hrs for groups 10-200 pax.
2. Mountains Mystery Mix #2 The Team Bonding solution for conference groups.
3. Blue Mountains Team Building Sensation #3 – Facilitated team development and staff training activities, by professional staff.
4. Explorer Amazing Races where teams travel in all types of vehicles, transport. Can include Scenic Railway and Scenic Skyway or Cableway
5. Wow Factor; with Ropes Courses, Zip Lines, Segways, White Water Rafting, Rockclimbing or Abseiling and more adventures if you dare! Blue Mountains Amazing Race activity team and staff connection conference escape celebrations at Echo Point

We love amazing conferences, great team building activities, immersive staff events, leadership training and groups in the Blue Mountains.

How Does a Blue Mountains Amazing Race work?

Your Amazing Race host arrives for a pre race briefing.

Divides your group into teams or you can coordinate the teaming list. Best to make teams equal mix of skills, fitness, talents, introverts and extroverts as well as a sprinkling of good looks.

Your 1st Challenge Blue Mountains amazing race Task is provided, once accomplished and scored…

Teams receive their first GO-GO envelope, providing instructions to Checkpoints marked by Amazing Races flags and mats.

You then navigate to locate registration checkpoints in iconic locations. To accomplish unique and fun activities. On Foot or by car. Amazing Races staff coordinate any transport options.

Including Blue Mountains Buses, Taxis, Sports Cars, Harley Davidsons, Bikes, Trikes, Hummers or Golf Buggy Carts.

Even providing a set of Cross Country Segways mobile to all conference centers including The Fairmont Resort and Lilianfels.

Once teams arrive at their next Blue Mountains Amazing Race checkpoint location they receive an envelope detailing their next Challenge, Task, Detour or Katoomba, Leura or Blackheath Roadblock.

The 10 Top Blue Mountains Amazing Race Challenges and Tasks

  • Eating challenges in secret Leura or Katoomba at Blue Mountains Chocolates or A Flower Pot Scone Damper.
  • Ride Bikes, Horses or Mountain Bike riding along a historic Catalina raceway
  • Master Chef Cooking Activities to cook a mystery box challenge
  • Drawing creatively or in local Gundungurra Aborignal art style
  • Paint master pieces in Art Rageous or Wild at Art
  • Sing a bush ballad song or perform a Lip Sync Battle
  • Perform a Flash Mob Dance Fun Routine
  • Select from one of 10 Adventures – Abseil, Rockclimb, Canyon, Ride, Bushwalk,
  • Build for charities like Building toys for kids at the Toy and Railway Museum.
  • Counting specially marked Tea Pots at the marvelous Tea House in Leura.
  • Scenic World Railway rides on the Cable Cars or Scenic Railway.
  • Mountain Biking, Cycling or Billy Cart Derbies
  • Abseiling to jump off cliffs on rope while fully harnessed
  • CSR Charity team activities
  • Rock Climbing to discover the next challenge envelope
  • Race along Scenic Drives or on Foot through Katoomba
  • A balance of physical, cerebral and creative skills are drawn upon for your team to enjoy! Amazing Race fun Eating Challenge activity flower pot scones at Leura in the Blue Mountains amazing race

Teams can rotate leadership roles at each amazing race checkpoint location

Ensuring everybody gets to join in on the fun! Providing interaction between all teams rather than just seeing your colleagues at the end. Go head to head and compete. Once teams successfully complete their team building exercises, another GO-GO envelope is presented. Continue

Amazing Blue Mountains Race until the PITSTOP is revealed. Where scores, incidents, debriefing, presentation, prizes, speeches and rewards provided with panache! Amazing Races team and groups contact enquiry form

Provided on Amazing races Blue Mountains team building events

  • Blue Mountains Amazing Race challenge equipment with registration mats and flags for special arrivals
  • Bandanas a colourful team identity is created 
  • Car Magnets to customise cars and mini buses
  • Professional team building facilitators and Amazing Race Hosts
  • Qualified, experienced staff at activity locations
  • Brilliant activities
  • Awards and Amazing Race engraved trophy with novelty prizes
  • Wet weather ponchos if inclement weather conditions arise

The Benefits of Team Building Activities Facilitated by Professionals

  • Getting to explore the local area from the major tourist attractions and rides to secret gems
  • Making Conferencing or meetings more exciting
  • Rewarding for staff to attend and obtain value
  • Communication improvement
  • Cooperation, Collaboration and Teamwork Skills are increased
  • Leadership is enhanced
  • Project and Time Management, Managed and developed
  • Planning and problem solving skills refined
  • Strategising and Negotiation is improved
  • Team Integration, getting to know each other naturally and realistically is accomplished
  • Mental happiness and corporate healthy well-being

Custom Built Amazing Races from Sydney to Blue Mountains Conference Centers from The Fairmont Resort to the Hydro Magestic. amazing race staff team building activity decode to find the blue mountains

We are the Blue Mountains Activities specialist team with over 23 years experience in delivering adventures, games and corporate events. Direct from The Fairmont Resort, Lilianfels Resort and Spa, Hydro Majestic and Carrington Hotels.

Amazing Race Blue Mountains Team Building Activities Package #3 Sensation Reference

“We escaped Sydney on a conference break to incorporate the Blue Mountains Amazing Race from Lilianfels at Echo Point. Riding the Scenic Railway, Abseiling off Narrowneck. Eating super smooth Blue Mountains Chocolates in Katoomba. Then burning off the calories on the Mountain Bike trails. A Brilliant experience – Thank you to the Amazing Races Team!”
– Geoff Harding. Courage and Nervousness overcome on a Blue Mountains Amazing Race Abseiling the cliffs Challenge

More Conference Escape Ideas:

  • adventure activities team building – abseil, canyon, cave, climb or mountain bike
  • team development format – that makes the programs worthwhile to participate in.
  • corporate team exercises – that integrate and bond teams
  • flash mobs, minute 2 win games, scavenger hunts, treasure hunts and
  • Blue Mountains ropes courses

Other Blue Mountains team building alternatives include Bubble Soccer, Segways, Mini Olympics Games, The Blue Mtns Festival of Games. Master Chef or MKR Cordon Blue Mtns Cooking, Evening Games and Casino Nights.

For more serious team development and leadership outcomes Amazing Races team up with Thrill staff training to coach teams. Providing facilitated Team Construct programs. These are focused on improving collaboration, staff engagement, empowered leadership, increased motivation, teamwork and excellence in problem solving skills.

Contact the MBTI Myers Briggs leadership development programs at Thrill to custom build an amazing race program that builds your staff skills. Amazing Races team and groups contact enquiry form

Please enquire now or call 0459 1111 29 us to discuss and facilitate your next amazing Blue Mountains team building activities, experiences for unique group events.