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Recently Amazing races in Sydney received a unique request from the corporate client group company: Two Palms Media. Their Department: Talent & Brand Partnerships. Described their people in a very special way.
Description of your people: 

  • Action heroes – thrill-seekers. Escape into movies, TV, sports and gaming, and are drawn to adrenaline pumping entertainment. 
  • Unravellers – Passionate about mystery and the art of unraveling scripts. Love entertainment that catapults them into a dangerous journey to solve a mystery or untangle a conspiracy. Constantly engaged online and with what’s happening around the world. Live for putting together the puzzle pieces and love catching Easter eggs. 

Amazing Races staff jumped to attention and quickly designed a special customised and tailored Amazing Sydney Race that would help support their Terminal List exposure.

What type of amazing staff event will re-connect your super-hero teams in Sydney?

Lets find out.