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Hello Amazing Races Sydney, thank you for sending through the pics and videos. The Vocus team had an absolute ball! Our Manly Amazing Race was a great way for everyone to get to know others. Discovering their hidden talents, awesome skill sets and problem solving together. In the spirit of fun we had a laugh at ourselves and at each other. Thank you for creating that experience for us.


the right moves and focus on results will win

Manly became the wonderful backdrop and stage for the Vocus amazing race Sydney staff connection event. With 4 teams racing around iconic Manly features from the Norfolk Island Pine Trees, 4 Pine Brewery, South Steyne Pub, The Accor group Manly Novotel hotel, Manly Skiff, Yacht Club and Manly Surf Club.




on the amazing races prize

If you have been thinking about team building activity ideas for your staff conference that are 7 miles from Sydney, but 1,000 miles from stress. Then Amazing Races has the team bonding solution for your employees to meet, discuss business and then enjoy facilitated team building activities to determine the winners and grinners.


Manly team bonding fun n games along the Corso


sailing to an Amazing Race Victory