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Amazing Race Events Photographic Journey

Selfie, Paparazzi and Photographic Treasure Hunts, Photo Based Scavenger Hunts and Photography on Amazing Races awaits your team. Congratulations on finding Amazing Races with real team building activities. Ideal for adult groups and corporate events in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise or Brisbane.

This photographic journey is to provide you. Our prospective clients a snap shot. Capturing insight into the quality of Amazing Races conducted in any location that you desire. Our events team are always at the ready to create, adapt and coordinate amazing experiences for your people.

Looking to communicate a special message, set future vision, explore a new space, be mindful, challenge your staff, employees, workers and colleagues to achieve? Allow Amazing Races to develop the right content, theme and selection of activities. Sequentially facilitated in the right sequence that will have your teams cheering for more!

Amazing Race Team Building Activities and Event Services Custom Built Free Amazing-team-contact enquiry form

If you have ever completed an amazing race you may understand the overwhelming feeling of accomplishment of getting through all the complexities of navigation, travel and problem solving tasks under time pressure. We congratulate you on your success. If your team is more serious we apply the learnings back to work to further empower your team building.

2017 is shaping up to be a terrific year of team development, team building and teams making a united force to accomplish great goals together.

Our amazing races embrace the spirit of people who love to accomplish a challenge together. The resourcefulness of our staff, employees and facilitators ensures that your business team succeed and accomplish great things in a united way.

Amazing Races Melbourne Team

Success in life is paramount to moving forward and enjoying the company of other people. “When your whole team is engaged in friendly competition. Then all staff benefit from the experience”.

Allow our team to demonstrate the skill of a professional team building event service. From handling your enquiry, content development to delivery of services. Provision of exceptional fun and team activities to event wrap up and debriefing facilitation.

If at any time there are specific outcomes, values and targets or iconic and secret locations or venues that you wish to be included. Tell us. As we offer a free Custom Team Building approach to your event.

Experience quality facilitation and event management 1st rate with amazing races.