Support your team and take them for a terrific Amazing Race escaping the office and responsibilities, rewarding and sharing great moments.

Covid19 pandemic is pushing our limits and changing our live. We are all adapting and it is important to take a moment to reward the effort and show support to others.

Find out our 5 best themed Amazing Race to reward and support staff, employees and colleagues.

Run for Causes

Make your race a charity one. Collect items through activities and challenges. Build Furniture 4 Families, Toys 4 Kids, Bikes and give it to charity. Support others while enjoying an amazing team building event with your team. Provoke smiles around you >>> here <<<


Be creative

This time earn your canvas, brushes and colors to make your own amazing custom built painting and bring it back to your office place. It will be unique to your company and inspire collaboration and fun. Create a souvenir which you could enjoy from your desk and remember this great time >>> here <<<


Connect and support your team while discovering a new place or new activities. From iconic pub to hidden creek or from bikes to helicopters let your explorer side express itself and experience the adventure.


Christmas time is coming and will close this 2020 year. Organise a fantastic party for your team and colleagues. Amazing Race creates the perfect custom built event for the occasion, near your office or in a different exciting location >>> here <<<

Tokyo 2021

Recreate the Olympic games suitable for your team and all abilities. Share a moment competing for the torch through different team activities, strategic games and puzzles. Enjoy a sporty time and strengthen your relationships.

Choose your adventure and ENQUIRE!

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