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Covid Safely engage your team with Amazing Race and get results on your business performances.

Having engaged employees is always better for a company. It enhances proactivity, creativity, innovation and drives performances.

7 Covid Safe Ways to Engage

  1. Focus on your core values: use your company culture and core values. It might be what attracted your employees to your business, so promote them.
  2. Celebrate victories, even the smalls ones: « By recognizing mall victories and efforts along the way, leaders see an 83% increase in employee engagement » (Source OC Tanner). It is even more important during Covid times to acknowledge efforts your staff is putting in.
  3. Promote teamwork: even remotely, connecting employees helps to improve their engagement, motivation and their performances.
  4. Develop engaging activities: create questions and send it on your employees email or on the corporate social network. Make it a competition and reward the best one. Entertain with a home made and unique game your staff.
  5. Discover each other better: custom build the classic “Guess Who?” game for your company. Design real investigations and make employees knowing each other better.
  6. Be open to feedback: show you are available to discuss about the situation.
  7. Covid Safe Team Building Event: engage and connect your team with Covid Safe activities with Amazing Race.

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