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A team needs different members for different roles. It is important to choose who the best will constitute the group and why.

A good team is a group that works well together and achieves its goals on time. It is possible to anticipate this by being strategic in the composition of your team. A team is like a fruit salad: it needs different elements to make it successful.

Who are they?

Example: building a house


  • Thinker: has a ideas to achieve – a house
  • Designer: thinks of different ways to reach the goal – draws houses
  • Expert: has the knowledge to require – knows how to build the house


  • Organizer: sets up the work – orders stones, doors, windows etc.
  • Booster: encourages achievement – finds the ground
  • Perfectionist: thinks of the details – fill in the holes in the wall


  • Activator: gives the first impulse – lays the foundation stone
  • Coordinator: supervises the work – site foreman, ensures that the wall is done before putting the door in place
  • Team worker: gives opinion, motivation, and work – constructors

Everyone has one (or more) role(s), but it is together that they work and achieve the final goal.

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A well-composed team