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An Amazing Race has the ability to unite your workforce and friends as they battle it out, racing their way across Sydney. Competing and completing a series of fun challenges and tasks along an amazing secret mystery route. Recently on a 21st Birthday celebration we witnessed 5 teams of closest friends and family combating head to head in their own exclusive Amazing Race.

Racing from the picturesque Bradfield Park at Milson’s Point North Sydney. Criss-crossing Sydney Harbour and the city to complete 21 Challenges before 21:00 finishing at Bondi.

The racing teams were in for a eventful evening. Tackling the Hair Raiser at Luna Park. Concocting an exit plan that crossed Sydney Harbour by Ferry to Circular Quay then UBER thought of a genius plan to catch the train to Central then back into Paddy’s Markets and through Chinatown. Here was an attempt to find and convince a stranger to paint the teams faces. From this point the compass dictated an Eastward path.  Through a Kingscross eating challenge with chocolates or donuts. Luckily it was not pole dancing. Then along the City to Surf Route stopping into teh Three Sheafes for a singing Karaoke contest. A bus trip to Bondi Junction where we viewed a movie clip about Bondi rescue that gave us a clue to head down the Hill to Bondi Pavillion. Where a final team challenge had everyone dig into their childhood memories. Building sand sculptures to rival Sculptures By The Sea through Bondi to Coogee.21-amazing-celebration-ideas-sydney

Many arose to the challenges and powered through like champions. Whereas some… the contenders, not so much! However the laughs, struggles and memories along the way, far out weighed coming in first place.

21 Top Things to do for years of life celebration amazing race ideas through Sydney without spoiling the Opera House

  1. Start planning your amazing race, with us of course!
  2. Invite your family, friends, work colleagues, staff and teams to join in an participate – after all you know its good for them right!
  3. Start training the brain, reflexology, yoga, agility and obstacle course or boot camp F45 exercising to get into the Steve Commando Zen warrior state of mind.
  4. Charge your smart Phone and brain as well as fuel your body with healthy stuff and some fast foods to make you all zingy and happy!
  5. Dress up in your favourite super hero costume from Superman to the Green Lantern or The Hulk to Dora the explorer, we love dress ups.
  6. Turn up before the start time at the right start line in Sydney, Parramatta, Darling Harbour, The Rocks, Bondi, Manly, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands Bowral. Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Melbourne and everywhere man!
  7. Allocate teams – yes this a team race and takes more than 2 to tango and play fair.
  8. Dance, Repair, Play, Run, Ride, Paddle, Shoot, Listen, yes listen to me – we’re on the same team and its time to do it my way…. More fun
  9. Painting, Decorating, Navigating, Puzzling, Drawing, Skipping, Suduko, Brains Trust Trivia – Who’s the smartest on your team?
  10. Eating, Throwing, Balancing, Hooping ridiculous fun
  11. Minute 2 win it games
  12. Skills Test
  13. Memory Games
  14. Spicks and Specks music and audio Challenges
  15. Collect scavenger hunt items, create slam poetry, get on your soapbox and shout your views, express your opinions and be yourself.
  16. Dig for treasures, become a pirate, captain or a convict lost in time.
  17. Catch Ferry’s, Buses, Uber’s, Taxis, Ride a Bike, Drive a Boat, Fly a Plane, Remote Control buggies and cars
  18. Snorkel, Swim, Dive, Kayak, Climb, Feed animals, Surf, Boogey and Dance
  19. Encourage, shout, scream, laugh and play with all your passion and give it a 100% especially at the roadblock and detours where more is better
  20. 20 years of life all into 21 celebratory amazing race ideas and it comes down to the final 2 challenges to determine the winners
  21. Create a Logo to decorate and enliven the Sydney Opera House, fill the white void with your contemporary advertising material manifesting on elitest sports that harness animals to create a sure bet for gambling and losing money. Or is this Sydney’s Everest answer to the Melbourne Cup – a horse race that stops the nation!